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RenewableArtigianfer, Signify and Vespera together for the agro-photovoltaic sector

Artigianfer, Signify and Vespera together for the agro-photovoltaic sector

Puglia will be the first Italian region to experiment with the first agrofotovoltaic systems resulting from the collaboration of the three companies.

Thanks to the implementation of advanced photovoltaic greenhouses, it will be possible to maximize the synergy between the agricultural and energy sectors, in line with the funds allocated by the PNRR to promote the green revolution and the ecological transition.
Artigianfer, an international leader in the design and construction of industrial greenhouses, Signify, a world leader in lighting, and Vespera Power, an emerging protagonist in the Italian solar energy market, announced today that they have signed an agreement for the development of integrated solutions to vanguard for the agro-photovoltaic sector. In its initial phase, the collaboration will affect some first sites in Puglia and then extend to other regions of Italy.

Why agro-photovoltaic is such a big deal in Italy today

Indeed, among renewable sources, agro-photovoltaics is the one that is most able to maximize the synergy between the agricultural and energy sectors by producing clean electricity, supporting the decarbonisation process and allowing the enhancement of the territory thanks to its dual use, all without reducing the cultivable area. The attention on these new systems in Italy is, today, very high, so much so that in the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) huge funds have been foreseen for the construction of photovoltaic systems with challenging objectives to be achieved by 2030. From here the collaboration of the three companies was born with the aim of projecting the agricultural sector towards a more sustainable and, at the same time, profitable future.

Vespera Power with its expertise deriving from previous implementation of photovoltaic solar greenhouses throughout Italy, made possible thanks to the precious contribution of Artigianfer, a reality that since 1966 boasts a specialization in the design and construction of greenhouses globally with a strong technological component. The advanced photovoltaic greenhouses (SFA) being implemented use hydroponic cultivation systems and are partially equipped with photovoltaic panels as well.
Signify, thanks to its experience of over 80 years in the field of lighting dedicated to horticulture, will create a more efficient and sustainable lighting system thanks to the use of smart, intelligent and predictive luminaires that will allow you to manage the system in a simple way, fast and intuitive according to the growers’ needs. By doing so, for example, through artificial lighting it will be possible to ensure agricultural production even in winter.
The advanced photovoltaic greenhouses (SFA) represent today the most advanced system to guarantee a perfect and efficient integration between agricultural activity and electricity production, while ensuring maximum sustainability also in terms of soil fertility, respect for the microclimate and resilience to climate change. All this thanks to real-time management and monitoring of water, production and lighting parameters.

Today we are witnessing a strong push in favor of sustainability understood at 360 °, which therefore inevitably also involves the agricultural sector, not only in protecting itself from climatic adversities, but also in safeguarding and enhancing resources. In this context, the collaboration with Signify and Vespera Power intends to further promote this progress thanks to the implementation of the most innovative technologies such as agro-photovoltaic systems for a positive impact on farmers, the community and the planet.
Commented Mario Cardelli – Executive Sales Manager by Artigianfer.

We have always invested in innovation and sustainability with the aim of offering solutions that can improve the quality of life of citizens and the productivity of companies while reducing the environmental impact. We are therefore proud to engage in new projects, alongside Artigianfer and Vespera Power, aimed at energy efficiency in the agricultural sector, a key reality in Italy that boasts numerous excellent productions, in line with the challenging objectives established by the PNRR.
He declared Carlos Alberto Loscalzo – CEO of Signify Italy, Israel and Greece.

The concept of agro-photovoltaics is not just an abstract idea, but a concrete and perfectly feasible solution to improve the ways in which we produce renewable energy. We are therefore excited to have signed this agreement with Artigianfer and Signify which will allow us, in the coming years, to raise awareness and implement more and more quality solutions for the benefit of the entire sector.
Said Conor McGuigan – CEO of Vespera Power.

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