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RenewableVespera Energy signs two agro-photovoltaic projects of 110 MW

Vespera Energy signs two agro-photovoltaic projects of 110 MW

Vespera Energy is pleased to announce the acquisition of two agricultural photovoltaic projects in Foggia, Apulia. The sites make up a total capacity of 110 MW and will be part of Vespera’s agricultural photovoltaic portfolio combining clean energy and arable farming.

CEO Conor McGuigan and Managing Director Aldo Giretti confirm the Foggia sites are part of Vespera’s objective of strengthening the renewable energy industry across Italy and support the agrovoltaic development in the country.

Agro PV is an innovative way to harvest crops as well as the energy from the sun. It’s the future.


The benefits of combining agricultural land and solar photovoltaics allows land to be used for both agricultural production and the generation of solar power maximizing energy and growth at the same time. This has allowed the agro-pv development to increase rapidly worldwide in recent years with Italy leading the way.

Vespera Energy is proud to be part of this development and to support the local community. If you are interested in agrophotovoltaic development for your agricultural business, feel free to send your enquiries to our staff. We will gladly help you find the ideal solution for your Agro-PV projects.

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