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NewsVespera’s beach clean: a new green initiative in Puglia

Vespera’s beach clean: a new green initiative in Puglia

Being small doesn’t mean acting small. Vespera Energy, a new company within the renewable energy sector with focus on photovoltaic developments in Italy and abroad with base in Grottaglie, TA gathered to give something back to the local community for World Environment Day. On 5th of June it’s World Environment Day, a day dedicated to the environment with focus on combating the global plastic pollution.

Vespera for the Environment, beaches, and the local community

With its volunteers from the office, Vespera Energy went to the local authorities in Lizzano with the idea of doing a “beach clean”.

Taranto coastline with its many beautiful beaches that everyone loves to enjoy, also comes with enormous pollution and contamination every year. In light of World Environment Day and its hashtag #BEATPLASTICPOLLUTION, on May 31st , Vespera Energy arranged a beach clean-up of Palminitello beach which was badly plastic contaminated from the winter storms. Not only does the plastic end up dirtying the beaches, but also harming the important marine life, its inhabitants and the whole eco system.

Plastic pollution: Vespera's objective

Being a renewable energy company doesn’t end with creating sustainable energy sources. It feels good to give something back and have a circular mindset about our planet.

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem, it won’t go away itself and we are the ones creating it. Doing something small is better than doing nothing at all. It’s devastating to learn that only 9 % of the global plastic is recycled and most of the plastic can’t be recycled at all, this needs to change now.

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental issues facing the planet. Humanity produces over 430 million tonnes of plastic every year – two-thirds of which are short-lived products which soon become waste. This has devastating consequences for wildlife, ecosystems, human health and the global economy.

We hope Vespera Energy can help draw attention to the problem and be an inspiration to help battle the plastic pollution.

The plastics found on the beach by our volunteers

Some of the most shocking things Vespera Energy found among the huge amounts of micro plastics and bottle tops was, earpods, shoes, nose spray bottles, souvenirs from Amsterdam and a car bumper.

Plastic pollution is set to triple by 2060 if we don’t take action now. Vespera Energy has taken an active stand in trying to minimise the use of plastic and say no to plastic where they can.

Vespera Energy will continue to engage in these activities throughout the year and hope to be an inspiration to others in the area to say no to plastic. The plastic pollution doesn’t stop and it’s a fight we need to keep battling everyday if we want to keep our planet alive.

The initiative received attention by local newspapers. Click and see the article from "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno"
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