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NewsA memorandum of understanding on agri-voltaics signed with three Italian companies

A memorandum of understanding on agri-voltaics signed with three Italian companies

Vespera Energy, i-Pergola and Global Fresh Fruit Consortium have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion and implementation of new innovative and sustainable agri-voltaic systems.

The agreement that is intended to have a significant impact on Italian agri-voltaic 4.0 was presented in Rimini during the “K.ey Energy” trade fair, the innovative international exhibition dedicated to energy transition from fossil fuels towards sources of clean energy generation.

Three companies, Vespera Energy, i-Pergola and Global Fresh Fruit Consortium, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the promotion and implementation of innovative and sustainable agri-voltaic systems capable of respecting existing crops and accessing sector funding.

Power Shield Tech: a revolutionary system for agri-voltaics

A new technology, well placed to revolutionise the sector is “Power Shield Tech”, the energy infrastructure for precision agriculture by the company i-Pergola, an innovative Italian startup in the sector of design, production, installation and maintenance of systems for the production of solar electricity.

For which crops is it intended?

“Power Shield Tech” can be installed on all crops with planting layout: kiwis, pears, apples, citrus fruits, hops, vines, almond trees and all the typical cultivars of the Mediterranean basin; the module is made with sustainable materials and complies with all the main sector regulations. The “Power Shield Tech” panels are mobile and are mounted on the poles of the plantation layout, similar to those already present in the field for the growth of tree crops or for protection from atmospheric agents, guaranteeing full accessibility to the farmer and agronomic sustainability.

How does this technology work?

The IoT electronics with its IEPFMS (Intelligent Energy & Precision Farming Management System) software allows integrated management of the pergola and all precision farming systems: the mobile system interfaces with the plants, adapting to their needs for light or water: a synergy which, as confirmed by studies, increases production and yields.

The importance of the Memorandum signed by Vespera

Global Fresh Fruit Consortium, with decades of experience in supply chain contracts with partners such as the Barilla Group, will undertake and carry out promotion and information activities on the i-Pergola 4.0 agri-voltaic system. Furthermore, the Consortium will be responsible for sharing the production regulations and marketing the products derived from the land on which the plants will be installed.

Vespera Energy, a leading player in the solar energy market that works with photovoltaics and agri-voltaic systems in Italy and across Europe are investing in agri-voltaic projects connected to the agricultural world, will be responsible for the development, authorization and construction phase of the plants.

i-Pergola, as a consultant, general contractor and supplier of agri-voltaic solutions, will make available, on the recommendation of Vespera Energy, all its know-how necessary for the implementation of agri-voltaic projects.

The project represents an innovative form of collaboration between the three companies and a paradigm shift in the field of production, as the farmer becomes an active part of both the solar and agricultural production process.

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