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NewsCiao Milano, we’re here

Ciao Milano, we’re here

In November we moved into our own new office Vespera office in Milan. 

 We have from the beginning had a shared office space in the centre of Milan but as the company has grown bigger in the past months, we have now moved in to our own Vespera space in the centre of Milan, Corso di Porta Vittoria.

The office is a bright open space of 105 sqm with separate desk spaces, two meeting rooms and a small balcony.

We’re proud to have come this far, a big step for Vespera as we keep growing and putting our print on the Italian solar market and north of Italy.

We’re nearly 10 employees in the Milan office now, an office that has expertise solar development, PV and planning.

We also have an inhouse legal counsel specialised in solar plants and its legislation.

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As a fast-growing company, we constantly seek to expand our team of professionals. If you are looking for a job, you can find our current job postings on Indeed and Linkedin