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NewsVespera Energy’s managing director, Aldo Giretti, and renewable energies

Vespera Energy’s managing director, Aldo Giretti, and renewable energies

Tomorrow 2nd of February, Aldo Giretti, Managing Director of Vespera Energy, will be part of the panel of the GSE (Energy Services Manager) event in Apulia. This is the III Greenroad territorial event.  They will talk about “barriers and opportunities” in renewable energies.

The event will explore the most suitable and enabling initiatives as well as tools for the dissemination of Energy Communities (Directive 2018/2001/EU, Legislative Decree 199/2021 and ARERA resolution 27 December 2022 727/2022/R/eel), which constitutes of one of the most innovative and indispensable tools, in the European and national context, to facilitate:

  • the exchange and production of energy from renewable sources
  • self-consumption
  • the efficiency of energy consumption in the local area

The comparison between national and territorial stakeholders will identify the financial instruments, legal and fiscal aspects, the sectoral barriers and the main opportunities for sustainable development.

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