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NewsVespera Energy 2022: Words from our CEO

Vespera Energy 2022: Words from our CEO

Word from the CEO, Conor McGuigan:
The year 2022 put energy front and centre on all our minds and challenged world leaders across the globe as it hit us all on a local level. We saw soaring prices and fuel poverty became a familiar term to us all. At Vespera Energy we acknowledged those around us, and we will continue to endeavour to do our best and secure as much renewable opportunities as we can.

However, we need to work together to achieve this as there is hope and I would like to end this year with exactly that, let’s all push for a cleaner, greener, renewable future together.

While we have a lot to do in the coming years, I’m proud to reflect some of the key milestones that Vespera Energy achieved over the last 12 months below:

  • Increased the company from 4 employees in January to 13 employees in December 2022
  • Moved from a share office space to our own office in Milan
  • Filed a total of 143 MW in 2022, 3 of these sites are agrivoltiac projects
  • Reduced legal due diligence and KYC costs by employing an inhouse legal team
  • Signed partnership with Artigianfer & Signify (Philips) to increase our agrivoltaic portfolio
  • Our pipeline currently consists of 780 MW and 350 MW of new opportunities, 80 MW of these are Greenfield
  • Signed 13 co-development and 11 introducer agreements
  • Vespera Energy currently controls 22 SPVs
  • Opened our first SPV outside Italy, in Greece
  • Implemented Quickbase, a development tool platform
  • Rolled out an onboarding pack, travel and expense and sustainability policy
  • Introduced a marketing strategy and implemented SEO works on our website to increase our visibility online
  • Forged relationship with partners to improve our corporate functions
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As a fast-growing company, we constantly seek to expand our team of professionals. If you are looking for a job, you can find our current job postings on Indeed and Linkedin